Léah Kline

Vocalist, Lyricist, Performer

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    .....Léah Kline who carries the listener into her wonderful world of lyricism and sounds with soul, jazz and gospel influences. With her enchantingly supple, crystal clear and sometimes hypnotic voice, her finely timed phrasing and the absence of the usual jazz solos in the songs, This Precious Life differs emphatically from the usual vocal jazz albums
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    New Technology Blues and SUMMER DREAM

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~ Leah Kline is marvelously poetic and brazen in the creation of her charming lyrics.
~ She has a supple voice, phrases with ease, and can sing ballads beautifully.
~ Her narrating qualities are impressive and inviting.
~ In a subtle manner she understands to seduce the listener, to captivate and naturally claim the attention.
~ She has a sparkling, crystal-clear jazz voice with excellent timing!