Teaching and Coaching

Leah Kline has had the privilege of performing in virtually every medium there is (Theater, Concert Hall, Radio, Television, Feature Film). She is fully versed in the world of music and theater as a singer, dancer, actress and choreographer. Comfortable before an audience of 30 to 3,000, performing since she was 18 years old, struggling or flying high in glamour, Ms. Kline has quite some information to offer a young professional or the curious amateur. She gives private coaching and workshops in Singing, Presentation, Movement, Dancing and Improvisation. A natural teacher, teaching has been a source of great pleasure in her artistic career.
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Jazz for Jazz Dancers

Her newest workshop for the Theaterschool in Amsterdam is exploring dance and music improvisation with LIVE Jazz musicians
"Don't call yourself a 'Jazz Dancer' if you know nothing about jazz!"
Do Jazz Dancers have a future in Jazz Music or just companies and musical theater? Is there a closer link between Jazz and Hip Hop that requires just some extra musical training? Leah gladly shares her accumulated knowledge of her two loves, Music and Dance in Workshops and Master classes. Her newest Workshop is exploring dance and music improvisation. LIVE. Playing jazz music asks for an understanding of musical phrasing, rhythm and communication. These workshops with the Jazz Dance Department of the Theaterschool in Amsterdam are an exploration towards using dancers as inspiration and interpretation of musical solos and vice versa.
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Teaching Improvising to Live Jazz