LK band ~"This Precious Life" 2014-2016

This is the new project for her upcoming CD and tour. Starting 1 September is a crowdfunding project to raise money to finish this cd and make 2 music videos and a Live Concert CLICK HERE to see the video and make a pledge. Stories, Lyrics, Musings, Murmured, whispered, sung with groove dreamy arrangements by Cord Heineking. Leah is celebrating a decade of music writing and collaborating with Dutch composers and arrangers. Modern, Crossover, Vocal Jazz with a band that sings. All her lyrics, all her stories, and the music that has sprung from divers Dutch collaborations. The beginning of which was her collaboration with Dirk Balthaus and their cd JuzzFlirtin and now a music video to their popular song Hey You! See it by clicking here!
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ZooT! (vintage dance band) 2012-2016

ZooT is... a vintage dance band that
takes you back to the time when life was moving, dancing, laughing and swinging!

4 saxophones, 3 brass, guitar, bass, drums and a dynamic vocalist put on a show that rivals the dance bands of old. These vibrant musicians play music that takes you back to the 30's 40's and 50's even if the song was written in the 70's and 80's. You give it to us, We Swing it!.......
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Blues and Boogie Swing Program (current)

Christian Bleiming is known as the Boogie King of Westfahlen, Germany. Together with Leah they have a traditional boogie program which resulted in a CD "Boogie in My Heart" 2009.
This program introduces audiences to traditional boogie music with an accent on "city blues" and bluesy jazz in the style of Peggy Lee, Billy Holiday and such. Leah will appear on Christian Bleiming's Boogie in My heart
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Leah gladly shares her accumulated knowledge of her two loves: Music and Dance in workshops, lecture demonstrations, masterclasses, private coaching, or in combination with a tour at a local conservatory or performing arts center. Popular themes are lyric writing, presentation, body awareness, breathing, musical phrasing, working with a jazz combo....
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Leah has a love and flair for reaching an audience with a bit of glamour and theatricality. This, her debut CD Playground is a collection of her jazz cabaret shows which born in Los Angeles had translated and toured the theater circuit in Holland(2004-2006). She links songs together with a theme. With five themed shows under her belt and a varied rooster of musicians to work with, Leah is still booked privately and publicly in theaters and cabaret venues for listening audiences who want a story, some style, a bit of glamour, and theater magic. Her repertoire of songs range from blues, musical, film, and of course.......
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Stylish Listenable Jazz

Commercial Jazz -SLJ offers a wide range of jazz entertainment...
...from an elegant piano and vocal duo to a lively, danceable Jazz Combo... Hotels, Ships, conventions..... Listen to our MP3 tracks
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has had a big infuence on Leah as a performer,creator and communicator. When she is in town, Leah can be found teaching Open classes in Amsterdam check out her website. Read more »

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