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Flirt , charm and more in music from classical to Caribbean JuzzFlirtin in Lalu, Hameln
by Andrea Gerstenberger

Friday evening, is "jazz club time" in the Lalu - a date, which creates high expectations. And the faithful fans of this club were not disappointed. Again Jobst Walter Dietz had proven his steady hand in getting very special something to come to Hameln with JuzzFlirtin: a German-American formation stood on the stage, which cannot be pressed into a specific category. Dirk Balthaus, pianist and musical leader created and presented a voluminous music program. Its compositions flirted with the listeners and with the most diverse of styles and directions. Included were classical jazz y numbers like "Orange Blossoms in Summertime" and "The Wizard". This last one had the addition of Caribbean percussion and hurricane-like sounds. At the beginning of this number Percussion and bass joined in for the initial "storm" and before one could blink, Yuchi Córdoba and Etienne Nillessen played themselves into a true intoxication. The duel between Drums and Percussions was a fireworks display expressing the joy of two full blooded musicians. They pulled along the others in such a way that the bass, by Cord Heineking, began to dance. Even if in most numbers the piano with its bright tones was in the foreground, the secret star Yuchi Córdoba shined. He played the atmosphere parts with not only Bongos and Congas but with a multiplicity of other instruments as well.

With poetic and audacious lyrics

the star in the footlights was the singer Léah Kline. The American made the evening complete emitting radiance and perfection in her expression and voice . She did not only sing of it, She was "The Voice". She and Dirk Balthaus demonstrated blind trust and understanding not only in their presentation, but also in the creation of the music. Léah Kline is marvelously poetic and brazen in the creation of her charming lyrics, which tempted us again and again to fully concentrate and enjoy listening to the rhythm. It is just a shame that many jazz friends had obviously underestimated this concert - such high-quality international live music does not come knocking daily at your doorstep.

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Concert Hameln
Sängerin Léah Kline und Bassist Cord Heineking. Foto: nls