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Jazz meets yoga

Jazz meets yoga


It has long been known that music is therapeutic and that many jazz musicians practice meditation or yoga. Léah Kline, an Amsterdam-based professional American singer and passionate yogi, has combined the two worlds of Music and Yoga in this her 8th CD. With a whispering low voice, Léah lays down a unique and highly listenable atmosphere; an atmosphere that, for her feeling, she uses when guiding her yoga students. With lyrics that come straight from the heart and through a dynamic use of her voice interspersed with silence, she manages to create something special. Léah sings/talks about letting go, dealing with disappointment, and meditation, but also touches current modern themes in a playful manner. In addition, she presented this work to an audience who lay on the floor (Savasana Concerts) which was received with great enthusiasm.

The Cd is available worldwide digitally, and only signed physical copies are sold via www.leahkline.com

Adelheid Smit

self explanatory when you read this site.

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