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Anusara 100hr Immersion

Yoga Immersions ~ Netherlands ~ Summer 2022

This summer 2022, a very exceptional opportunity to train with 3  experienced and passionate teacher trainers hosted by Flow of Yoga in Castricum

Immerse yourself in the teachings of Anusara ® Yoga and it’s life-affirming philosophy in 3- five-day Yoga Intensives designed as summer retreats for regular students, aspiring teachers, and experienced teachers alike.  Consider booking a nearby campsite and bicycle to enjoy the beautiful nature and beach areas.  Free tent rental for the first 10 people.

Each immersion offers teacher training credit hours with 2 recognized professional Yoga training organisations:   Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Alliance® 

    • Dive deep into the subtle body.
    • Learn to align the body, mind with spirit
    • Learn from respected teachers
    • Inspire your teaching.
    • Receive personal attention to improve your practice
    • Complete the first half of the Anusara® Yoga teacher training

Lead Teacher: Eva Ananya ~Austria,

Co-Teaching and Assisting: Léah Kline ~USA & Letizzia Wastavino ~Chile


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    Immersion – /ɪˈməːʃ(ə)n/ :


    • a deep mental involvement in something, shutting out temporarily all other influences


    is behind this  practice?


    Yoga is like a path,

    a practice of mind, body and heart

    which you can turn to, one on which

    with discipline you can rely on to

    navigate the many challenges, uncertainties,

    joys and sorrows found on the path of life.

    The Immersion offers you practices to rediscover the goodness and glow

    of your own true nature.

    The Immersion sets the basic premise that YOU are the goal.

    That your life is a work of art

    A yoga practice is meant to lead you back to the source: your essence.

    That essence, can be found by tuning into the body,

    awakening yourself with the right sensitivity and awareness,

    and by guiding it back toward it’s natural blueprint.

    Align with that life force,

    guide it through the breath,

    into the heart and into the mind.

    This will teach you to resolve the obstacles

    that stand in the way of your ultimate freedom.

    This Immersion  teaches the nature of a practice that evolves

    each time you step on the mat.

    One that begins everyday from this present moment and intends

    to lift you up toward your highest vibration.


    WHY take this immersion NOW?

    This Immersion offers a unique combination of  bio-mechanics, Universal principles of alignment and non-dual tantric philosophy interwoven through the practice.

    Getting these 3 teachers in the same place at the same time is unusual.

    The ratio of student to teacher is unusally high.

    Learn in a safe space where you can feel seen.

    Coming out of lockdown has created a generous financial offer from the hosting studio and the teachers for a training that would normally cost 25% more.

    Travel locally to get international training.

    Test the waters for a full teacher training in Anusara Yoga.

    Start the path toward Yoga Therapy.

    Required minimum of 12 participants : Tell your friends

    • Immersion all 3

    • €1815 incl btw

      early bird til April 10 €1775
    • Full Summer Immersion


           |Wed 12:00 – Sun 13:00|

      June  08 -12 | Immersion 1

      July  20 -24 Immersion 2

      Aug  31 -Sept 4 | Immersion 3

      Location:  Flow of Yoga Studio, Castricum

      All Three Immersion Retreats offer concentrated study of Anusara Yoga’s exquisite 5 Universal Principles of Alignment ™, Loops & Spirals as applied to Asana Practice- as well as in-depth explorations of Meditation, Mantra, Self Inquiry Practices, Chanting, Pranayama and Physical and Subtle Body Anatomy


      To guarantee the highest quality and level of learning, there are limited number of slots . We currently limit the slots to 18 students.

      5 day planning:

      Wednesday 12:00-19 |Thursday –Sat 9:30 -6pm | Sunday 9:30-13:00


    • Just One Immersion

    • €650

    • Single Immersion| Retreat

      Choose which block  or date(s)


      • Drink in the skilled teachings and themes
      • Take this one immersion like a Retreat,
      • Inspire your teachings,
      • get some insight into the world of Anusara philosophy.

      Location:  Flow of Yoga Studio, Castricum

      • Unplug from life and plug into you
      • Camping possibilities, bike to the sea
      • 10 tents to loan from sponsor
      • Excellent Train connection to studio
      • Live and in-person Trainings with 3 experienced and caring teachers
      • Learn in-depth all the things you love about Anusara Yoga
      • Yoga Alliance  35 credit hours for Continuing Education per Immersion


      5 day planning:

      Wednesday 12:00-19 | Thursday –Sat 9:30 -6pm | Sunday 9:30-13:00

      Scroll down to sign up using the Contact Form or click Sign UP


    Each Immersion

    offers concentrated study of Anusara Yoga’s exquisite 5 Universal Principles of Alignment ™ as applied to Asana Practice- as well as in-depth explorations of Meditation, Mantra, Self Inquiry Practices, Chanting, Pranayama and Physical and Subtle Body Anatomy

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of learning, there are limited number of slots and 3 experienced teachers. We currently limit the slots to 18 students.

    Diplomas, Certificates, Educational Credit

    Studying the Immersion offers the following:

    • Full 100 hours Immersion offers a certificate of completion
    • 35 hours Continued Education Credits per Immersion with Yoga Alliance
    • access to the 300- hour Advanced Training with Anusara (if already a 200 hour Yoga Teacher of any form)
    • access to the 100-hour credit toward the full Teacher Training with Anusara (which can be taken all over the world)


    You  will learn to:

    • Describe the Three A’s of Anusara Yoga:  Attitude, Alignment, and Action
    • Learn Yoga postures/asanas that increase your physical strength and flexibility from Syllabus 1 & 2
    • Apply the 5 Universal Principles of Alignment to all of the classes of poses: Warm-ups, Standing Poses, Seated Poses, Hand Balancings, Backbends, Inversions, Twists, and Supine Poses.
    • Identify the Seven Loops of Anusara Yoga and apply them to poses on the Level 1 Syllabus
    • Learn how to align your body optimally to relieve pain and increase overall health.
    • Breathing techniques (pranayama) that restore health, increase energy and decrease stress.
    • Meditation techniques that calm and focus the mind while simultaneously learning and understanding the nature of the mind.
    • Study, journal and reflect upon the bigger picture of yoga and how it plays out in your life
    • Define yoga from several perspectives
    • Get an overview of the history of yoga
    • Study yoga’s philosophy and discuss the key points from the recommended books which can be read beforehand, Hindu Shaiva Tantra, Patanjali’s Classical Yoga Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, & Bhagavad Gita help us understand life’s pathways.
    • Explore and name heart qualities in order to animate asana from the inside out
    • Develop a personal practice
    • You will meet wonderful people who share similar goals in life and make friends for life.
    • Practice as many of the asana on the Anusara Level I syllabus as appropriate for the individual
    • Identify major bones and muscles, and their significance in asana practice
    • Begin to practice poses on the Level 2 Syllabus
    • Observe and assist fellow students
    • Describe and apply the 5 elements and apply them to asana practice
    • Learn to chant the Anusara opening invocation and other mantras
    • Take occasional practice quizzes to assess their own progress

    Lead Teacher

    (Dr.) Eva Ananya (Pöschl-Walter)

    Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher & Certified Rolfer®
    (CATT, e-RYT500, YACEP)

    Eva comes from Austria, is an international Yoga Teacher Trainer and runs the ANANYA Yoga Studio in Vienna as an Anusara Affiliated Yoga Studio. She teaches 200hour and 500hour trainings in Austria and since 2016 also in India. Since 2006 she has been working as a certified Rolfer and through this work has a great fascination for fascia and the physical as well as mental upliftment and alignment. She has studied yoga philosophy in numerous workshops and trainings and has developed a deep connection to the Bhagavad Gītā as well as the Vijñāna bhairava.

    Numerous internationally recognized yoga teachers such as Ross Rayburn, Kai Hill, Barbra Noh, Ananda Leone, Young Ho Kim and Katchie Ananda come to her studio. The collaboration with them and the exchange on different levels is very important to her.

    Her motto in life is “Powerfully Heartfelt.” This is how she teaches and how she lives her yoga. For Eva, yoga is much more than just “doing gymnastics on a fancy yoga mat”. Her everyday life is permeated with yoga and that is how she teaches yoga. Especially Prānāyāma and meditation are close to her heart.

    Eva leads international teacher trainings and holds workshops with a focus on Prānāyāma, meditation, Āsana and philosophy. Her teachings will be offered in English but speaks fluent German

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      Co- Teachers

      Léah Kline

      Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher & Performer/Singer
      (RYT500 & YACEP)

      Based in Amsterdam , Léah works as an independent teacher & teacher’s mentor offering Yoga classes, Masterclasses, Trainings, Mentorships, Retreats and Savasana Concerts for students, teachers & studios.   She has been a Senior Teacher at de Nieuwe Yoga School for 8 years.   Also, a professional jazz vocalist and performing artist, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in Movement. With 30 years of teaching experience, she has accumulated a deep and intuitive understanding of the human–body-in-motion, the vibrational effects of sound and silence on the body and as tool for healing. She credits her combined experiences/knowledge ** for her ability to explain how to touch and guide the human body into it’s natural energy and to recognize signs of organic movement, resistance & energetic directions. ** (in Anatomy, Physiology, Kineseology, Injury prevention, Yoga Therapeutics, Martha Graham Training, Contact Improvisation, Massage Techniques, Universal Principles of Alignment ©, Partner work in yoga and dance, Psychology, Singing, & Trauma Work)

      She is also poetess and creative writer: Author of  The Little Savasana Book 2022 & Co-writer with Johan Noorloos for Het Nieuwe Yogaboek 2014 (writing the Yang Asana Technique).

      Her teachings will be offered in English but speaks fluent Dutch

      Letizzia Wastavino MSc.

      Certified Anusara® Yoga teacher, |Physicist

      Letizzia has been bringing her passion for Anusara to students in Europe since 2013, although she has been practicing yoga since 1996, she completing her Anusara education in 2010. Born in Chile, with a Masters degree in Physics, now living in Vienna, Letizzia combines in her teachings a latin passion & joyful enthusiasm with a scientific detail and precision.
      With a personal history of rising above physical, mental pain, she shares with much joy and humor the elegance and dependibility of the UPAs to guide yourself out of pain and into joy.
      Since 2018, she is part of the World Spine Care Yoga Project, bringing the benefits of Yoga to everyone as a tool for active self-care and pain management.

      She is a mentor, studio owner, mother, teacher and country coordinator of Anusara activites in Austria, and serves on its’ Board of Directors.

      Her teachings will be offered in English . Speaks fluent Spanish and she is learning German.