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4 week Basic Alignment course

4 week Basic Alignment course

by Leah Kline

4-WEEK ALIGNMENT COURSE WITH LEAHLéah Kline offers a unique four-week alignment course within De Nieuwe Yogaschool. During this course you will learn the correct body posture in a yoga pose, adapted to your body. With the aim: to prevent unnecessary injuries and to participate safely in the yoga classes.

As a novice yogi you probably know the names of the most common yoga poses and you are familiar with your breathing (Pranayama) and common meditation techniques. During group lessons you have practiced the sun salutation several times. This “vinyasa” is a common and important part of the exercises where six to eight asanas (postures) flow into each other such as the standing posture, the forward bend, the plank, the chaturanga dandasana, the cobra, the dog and the warrior. These asanas are the mother of all the asanas that come after!

Léah (one of our Senior teachers) introduces you to the three Universal Principles of Alignment. She teaches you the correct posture in the yoga poses in four constructive lessons and, where necessary, modified modifications for your body. This way you learn to practice yoga safely and with pleasure!



About Leah Kline

Léah Kline is a certified Anusara- inspired ® professor of Hatha Yoga, Registered “Continuing Education” Yoga Teacher and holds a Bachelors degree in Movement. She has 30 years of teaching experience. She has accumulated a deep and intuitive understanding of the “human body in motion”. She credits her combined knowledge* for her ability to explain how to touch and guide the human body into it’s natural energy. As well as to recognize signs of organic movement resistance & energetic directions.

She lives and works in Amsterdam offering Yoga classes, Masterclasses and Teacher Trainings for students and teachers throughout Europe. She is Co- writer with Johan Noorloos for Yang Asana Technique for Het Nieuwe Yogaboek. She speaks Dutch and English fluently.

* (in Anatomy, Physiology, Kineseology, Injury prevention, Yoga Therapeutics, Martha Graham Training, Contact Improvisation, Massage Techniques, Universal Principles of Alignment©, Partner work in yoga and dance, Psychology, Singing, tantric philosophy & teaching)

This course is held in English, but Leah speaks fluently Dutch // Deze cursus wordt gegeven in het Engels maar Leah spreekt vloeiend Nederlands.

Dates: Tuesday 2, 9, 16 & 23 Nov 2021
Time: 18.30 – 20.30 hr
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Price: 95,-