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Listen to what others are saying about Léah Kline

  • She is a real chameleon as a singer, feels at ease and sounds beautifully clear in all the songs she’s recorded…Léah is a very special singer and a great contribution to the international music scene.” Frits Landesbergen (NL)
  • Léah Kline is marvelously poetic and brazen in the creation of her charming lyrics”-Dewezet DE
  • “ Her narrating qualities are impressive and inviting.”
  • In a subtle manner she understands to seduce the listener, to captivate and naturally claim the attention.”Frank Huser Jazz Flits (NL)
  • She has a supple voice, phrases with ease, and can sing ballads beautifully. (KRO gids) NL

Léah Kline is listed as an international TOP vocalist in the book,
 The Jazz Singers- The Ultimate Guide, from LA jazz Critic, Scott Yanow,
listed next to the likes of Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald and Kurt Elling.

With her accomplished lyric writing and detailed vocals, Léah celebrates a decade of music writing and collaborating with Dutch composers and arrangers. Léah is noted for her personal delivery and phrasing of songs paying great respect to the meaning of the lyrics. Particularly well received for her vivacious stage presence and clear melodic tones, her phrasing and interpretation has earned favorable attention from jazz fans.


The release of the NEW EP, Clouds has arrived.

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