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Music Biography

Brief bio:

Life is a playground

The well -traveled, Léah Kline is a poetess, lyricist, vocalist and an accomplished stage performer, who has enjoyed the privilege of performing in virtually every field of entertainment.

Dance, Drama, Radio, TV, Film, and Cabaret/ Cruise ship, Festivals stages, Musical Theater, Concert Halls / garden parties and hole-in-the-walls.  …The stage is her playground.  Her love for making music lies in the playful co-creation that is the nature of jazz.  She has entertained audiences throughout Europe, Asia, and the US and loaned her voice to countless projects.   Self-proclaimed Half American/ Half Dutch; she started her Jazz career in Los Angeles, but it really took off when she moved to Amsterdam in 2000. After her first two (2) albums she had the honor of being listed as “one of the Top500 Jazz Singers” in the book, The Jazz Singers – the Ultimate Guide.  As well as, “ worthy of wider recognition”  honor from the Dutch music organisation ,Buma/Stemra. Léah Kline has appeared on 9 albums that show a wide variety of color in her voice. Though her voice lends itself to the classic jazz sound.  Her taste in music and projects is eclectic. She has a bit of Ella Fitzgerald, Gretchen Parlato, Nancy Wilson, Jill Scott and Natalie Cole in her.  Throughout all her projects, she holds a high standard in her sense of timing, phrasing, playful presence, and interpretation of the lyric.

“She’s a great singer who brings a jazz sensibility and adventure to everything she sings” .  

~ Scott Yanow (LA jazz critic- Author of the Jazz Singers- the Ultimate Guide)




Léah Kline was born on an airforce base in Japan, but grew up in Maryland.  Léah’s early musical education started with piano lessons, the church bells, church choir, music theory and chamber singers in her high school, conga drums for dance classes.   She holds a BFA in modern dance from the North Carolina School of the Arts and studied voice and acting in Los Angeles.  Her performing career  started in feature films, dance companies, musicals, tv pilots, stage dramas, USO/ DOD shows and cruise ships.   It was the latter where her love for Jazz was kindled, jamming everynight  with musicians from the 6 stages on the ship.  She commited 100 jazz standards to her repertoire and became part of the Los Angeles Jazz & Cabaret community working with the rich community of musicians there.

“There is a little Liza Minelli in her  ~R.Steenhorst  de Telegraaf”



In 2000 she moved to Amsterdam. Immediately she found a tour with “There’s No Business Like Show Business” (a musical based on the life of Irving Berlin), and within 5 years was selected to be in  “tribute to Ann Burton” at the Amsterdam Concert Hall , worked with the Glen Miller Orchestras, appeared in the Dutch “42nd Street” and “Musicals in Ahoy”, translated and toured with her own “JazzCabaret” shows on stages in Holland, debuted her first Album Playground, performed at North Sea Jazz for the BBC ( as backing vocalist), landed 4th place in the NL Jazz Vocalisten Concours, co-hosted a radio show The Jazz Corner, played in Europe and Los Angeles as soloist with local groups playing her repertoire.

Since those first years she has gone on collaborate musically with various artists and produced albums of her own material.  In 2009 LA Jazz Critic and author Scott Yanow,  added Leah to his new book The Jazz Singers – the Ultimate Guide.  Through all she does one can feel her sense of theatrics and musicality.  She is known for her treatment of the lyrics, clear melodic tones, timing and sense of humor.


“ She has a supple voice, phrases with ease, and can sing ballads beautifully.”  ~ (KRO gids) NL

“She has a sparkling, crystal-clear jazz voice with excellent timing.”       ~ De Telegraaf (NL)

“Léah Kline is marvelously poetic and brazen in the creation of her charming lyrics” 

~  Dewezet (DE) …

 “ Her narrating qualities are impressive and inviting.”

“In a subtle manner she understands to seduce the listener, to captivate and naturally claim the attention.”  ~   Frank Huser  Jazz Flits (NL) 

Discography (most of which are on digital streaming)

  • 2003  Playground:  a Jazz standards album based on her Jazz Cabaret Shows performed in LA and Holland
    (…Leah Kline‘s recording debut is a happy event. Kline is a very intelligent singer, in her choice of material, the notes she hits, and the way she balances interpretations of lyrics with scatting. She sings in tune and her high notes are a joy to hear…) more of this review
  • 2005 Finalisten NL Jazz Vocalisten Concours – limited edition – Odeon   3 numbers with trio Berend van den Berg , Frans Timmermans, Hans Beun
  • 2007 Juzz Flirtin Collaboration with pianist Dirk Balthaus  with Kline’s  lyrics and poetry + 2 covers of Kurt Elling
  • 2008   Bands worthy of wider recognition  Juzz Flirtin compositions- limited edition BUMA
  • 2009 Lyric collaboration with Anne Chris’ album Play for now
  • 2009 Boogie in my Heart  Blues album with Boogie King of Westfahlen:  pianist Christian Bleiming
  • 2011 Let’s Dance  a swing cd with the Benny Goodman influenced Bernard Berkhout Swing Orchestra
  • 2014 Keep on Jumpin’  Lunceford setting with ZooT vintage dance band
  • 2015 This Precious Life music collaboration with composer/bassist Cord Heineking
      (…with This Precious Life, Kline has reached her goal with verve – to merge jazz and meditation into a perfect cross-pollination… (more)
  • 2016 Yoga Day ( cd for kids)
  • 2016  Triple Treat an adventurous trio album of 3 soloists with tenor saxophonist, Scott Hamilton, pianist, Francesca Tandoi.
    … a unique combination of three passionate jazz musicians, who flawlessly feel each other with an unparalleled chemistry in terms of timbre and alignment. It is a pleasure to allow each other in a balanced way the space to be able to shine individually with voice and instrument at appropriate moments....more


Léah  enjoys the challenge of writing and performing her own prose and lyrics as well as collaborating with non -native speakers and singers on their song text or song copy.              (see music collaborations below)

`` Léah is special because she is a musician with great timing and an entertainer all in one``

Musical Collaborations:

USA: Paul Kreibech, Tamir Hendelman, John Rangel, John Veith, & more…

NL: Leo Bouwmeester, Cajan Witmer, Rob van Kreeveld, Robert Veen, Dirk van de Linden,  Anne Chris, Jeen Rabs, Bernard Berkhout, Konrad Kosselleck Big Band, Laundry Big Band and Vegas String orchestra : Pieter v/d Dolder ,

Germany: Dirk Balthaus, Cord Heineking, Christian Bleiming, Engelbert Wrobel, The world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra: Wil Salden

Poland: Matuesz Pulawski

Bulgaria: Dimitar Bodourov

Italy: Francesca Tandoi, Scott Hamilton,

France: Laurent Rossi, Philippe Brassoud, Jerome Achat, Spirale Trio,  Claude Tedesco, Jo Kaiat, Philippe Cocogne, Onder Focan, Glenn Miller Band: Gert Jan v/d Dolder





Musical Highlights- Timeline

2003 Concertgebouw- A’dam (Ann Burton Tribute  masterclass /concert) 

2004  debut CD    Léah Kline ~  Playground 

        Leah Kline in Concert: Jazz Cabaret theater tour in Holland 2004 – 06

        Nardis Jazz Club Istanbul 2004

        Jazz Festival Beirut  2004 & 2005

        North Sea Jazz Festival  & BBC as backing vocalist 2004

2005 CD and Competiton  Finalisten van NL Jazz Vocalisten Concours 

2007 CD Release (original songs). :  Léah Kline ~  Juzz Flirtin

        Tour : Holland/ Germany/Austria Tour 2007 – 08

        North Sea Jazz Festival (around town) Rotterdam 2009

2008 CD Release Bands worthy of wider recognition BUMA 

         (featuring JuzzFlirtin)

2009 CD Release Boogie in My HeartChristian Bleiming
         feat. Léah Kline

Tours in Germany 2005-12

2009  Book Release Listed in  The Jazz Singers ~ the Ultimate Guide

2011 CD Release Let’s Swing  Dr. Bernard & his swing Orchestra

          Tour Jazz festivals & clubs, 2009-11

2010-11 Tour World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra (Wil Salden) 

          Germany & Poland

2012   Tour Bulgaria 2012  (Léah Kline Quintet) 

          Jazz at the Sea – Lozenets ,Spirit of Bourgas;
Jazz Festival Bansko  ~recorded also for National TV.

2014  CD Release  Keep on Jumpin’   – ZooT vintage dance band, 

        Jazz Festivals  & Dance Events in NL

2015  CD release  ~ originals ; Léah Kline – This Precious Life

           start of  Savasana “Lay-down” Concerts in Amsterdam  @ DNYS

2016   CD Release  Triple Treat  @ Meer Jazz Festival

              Francesca Tandoi, Léah Kline & Scott Hamilton

2017     Music and Yoga projects/ Retreats/ Voice Workshops.  

              CD Yoga Day  music for little ones ( with Mateusz Pulaski- guitar) 

2019   May-October   Royal Jazz Lounge –Antibes, France  Jazz Ambassadeur

              in Hotel Royal Antibes ****