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This Precious Life

Leah Kline takes it down to an intimate level with nine original compositions. She sings, speaks, whispers her soulful and comical lyrics close to the microphone. Listeners are reminded of Minnie Ripperton, Jill Scott, Ricky Lee Jones, Gretchen Parlato. The soundscape is the creation of Cord Heineking. There is a neo-jazz flavor, multi-layering of bass grooves, drum beats, guitar solos and vocal harmonies which make for quite an intense listen. To catch it ALL listen with high quality headphones.

  • Leah Kline (vocals)
  • Koen Schalkwijk, Charly Zastrau -(piano, keys)
  • Cord Heineking (piano, keys, drums, guitar,backing vocals)
  • Bobby Petrov, Klaas van Donkersgoed, Bernhard Weichinger (drums)
  • Tim Langedijk, Mateusz Pulawski (guitar)
  • Afra Mussawisade (percussion)
  • Maurits Fondse, Deborah J. Carter, Rosamint Faas, Medine Bouma, Leah Kline (backing vocals)

Recorded & Produced 2014 at PTYD Studios,Amsterdam by Cord Heineking. Mixed & Mastered at Wedgeview Studios,Woerden by Bram Bol


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Triple Treat

The great tenor-saxophonist Scott Hamilton, whose arrival on the scene in the mid-1970s launched the comeback of small-group swing, has recorded scores of albums in his career. However until Triple Treat, he had never been on a recording date where he was one of just two instrumentalists and part of a trio with a singer...It is obvious from the first chorus of “Easy To Love,” that this is not merely a “singer with band” recording but very much a musical democracy with close interplay between the three artists.~Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

  • Scott Hamilton – tenor saxophonist
  • Francesca Tandoi – piano
  • Léah Kline – vocals

Recorded 2016 in Netherlands

The unique trio of Scott Hamilton, Léah Kline and Francesca Tandoi prove to be a very complete group filled with musical bravery and talent, giving listeners a true Treat Tripled.
Jazz Standards inspired by Anita O’day
1 Kline original.

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Boogie In My Heart

With seven instrumental and nine vocals, This release is a contemporary take on Christian Bleiming's Boogie Blues music. Kline tips her hat to her fellow ``city blues`` icons Peggy Lee, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Billy Holiday. Here we find a Kline/ Bleiming original- `` Keep it to yourself`` and 6 other instrumental originals by Bleiming or Grund.

  • Leah Kline – vocals
  • Amandus Grund – guitar
  • Christian Bleiming – piano
  • Peter Samland- drums
  • Erkan Ozdemir: bass
  • Henk Punter drums (6,9,15)

Recorded 2009 at Lutherhaus – Osnabruck, Germany in a live setting

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Juzz Flirtin

Contemporary Vocal Jazz with a bite of Jazz, Funk, Latin grooves underneath. Original compositions and two Kurt Elling covers. Kline lyrics go deep exploring her growing fascination with poetry and esotery. Lyrics by Leah Kline and Music by pianist, Dirk Balthaus. Leah Kline is marvelously poetic and brazen in the creation of her charming lyrics on Juzz Flirtin.

  • Leah Kline – vocals
  • Dirk Balthaus – piano, wurlitzer, hammond b3
  • Cord Heineking – bass
  • Sebastiaan Kaptein – drums
  • Yuchi Cordoba – percussion

Recorded 2007 at Studio 150  Amsterdam

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Debut CD. Traditional Jazz. Playing around with jazz and musical theater (jazz’s origins). Many of these arrangements have been perfomed in her Jazz Cabaret shows in Los Angeles and The Netherlands.

  • Leah Kline – vocals
  • John Rangel – piano
  • Mike Valerio – bass
  • Lorca Hart – drums
  • Derf Reklaw – percussion
  • Larry Williams – trumpet
  • Dan Weinstein – violin

Recorded 2003 at Castle Oaks, Calabassas, CA

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Keep on Jumpin'

ZooT is... a vintage dance band that 
takes you back to the time when life was moving, dancing, laughing and swinging!

 JUsing a immy Lunceford formation: 4 saxophones, 3 brass, guitar, bass, drums and a dynamic vocalist put on a show that rivals the dance bands of old. These vibrant musicians play music that takes you back to the 30's 40's and 50's even if the song was written in the 70's and 80's. You give it to us, We Swing it!....... ZooT! can be booked with a Swing DJ to play in the breaks as well as with a dance instructor who teaches a dance class and easy choreography for newcomers to this form of fun fun dancing

  • Leah Kline – vocals
  • Jeen Rabs – guitar
  • Eric Hartgers- bass
  • Niek van Wiggen- drums
  • Floortje Smehuijzen-alt sax
  • Willem Hellbreker- tenor sax
  • Paul van Duyn-tenor/alt/ sax
  • Kurt Schwab-baritone sax
  • Florian Spertzel- trumpet
  • Thomas Welvaadt- trumpet
  • Jos van den Heuvel -trombone

Recorded 2012 in Netherlands

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