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Handstand Challenge – Home practice


Who doesn’t want to improve or learn to do a handstand! 

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s empowering.

but it takes consistent practice.

Up for some dedication and daily consistency?

Here is a link to an explanation video which you can watch once or everyday before practicing your challenge.

You have 15 day access and when you register you get little support messages to keep you/us going.

Please pay this tikkie first TIKKIE for HANDSTAND CLASS

15 euro to gets you in to watch the alignment video for as often as you want  with in a 15 day period + support emails to allow you to stay steady in the practice.

As you click on the Zoom link here below , you will have to register name ,email and answer some questions.  I will accept all those that have registered by 5pm everyday.

Then with the same link you can watch to your heart’s desire.

Here is the ZOOM LINK to also register:

The practice class itself is only 28 minutes.  but you can practice as often as you want.  Go  for one minute a day.    So come on  join us.

The challenge itself asks you to try to stay from 15 seconds to one minute in your version of the handstand.  !!!  EXCITING.  for only  1 euros a day.

If you are not using TIKKIE ( Netherlands)  you may pay me by pay pal and send me a message to say you paid …. to avoid computer/algorithm errors.  : )

You can do it!!












Hi!  Leah here,  i just whipped out a video to get you started.

I have recorded a 30 minute lesson for you.  to talk simply about the hands, the arms and the how to kick up properly with some alignment cues.  and  for beginners how to use a chair to get yourself started. check out the gallery photos all the different ways people work on it.

more advanced I have some training advice to get you strong.

Join me on social media to be accountable and share every day your handstand practice how it is and how it grows.  baby steps or big jumps. @leahklineyoga

the secret is “consistency”!!  and baby steps.

Are you up for the challenge?

This is a super low key video is recorded from my Home for you to also follow at home.

What you are paying for is not  only the video but you sending me your video so you can get support.

As often as you like, the low key video is just to show you it’s all okay,  however you do it.  I erase your practice videos, I do not use them except in the moment to give you helpful next steps.   So why not!!

simple, low key, and fun.

sign up.

pay the tikkie and click on the link to register

Sign up today. start tomorrow!

Answer the questions and I will approve you within 24 hours or less!!

you have 15 days to complete your challenge!!