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Teachers toolkit
Discover the 3 learning styles of your students

Free Yoga Teacher’s Toolkit

MY TEACHING Improved when I realized I needed to learn more about WHO was in my classroom and HOW they digest information.
I needed to improve my teaching skills: My looking and listening skills.
The greatest gift is knowing that there are 3 common learning patterns and recognizing them in flesh and blood in the classroom.
This allowed me to adapt my teaching to include all kinds of students and multiple levels.
If you have been through a 200 or 300 +hour teacher training and are teaching and wondering… 
” Do I know the 3 learning styles?”
“How can I better guide and inspire them with trust and self- confidence?”
Then it starts with Learning how they Learn!
So simple. So amazing.
▪ Learn and recognize which of the 3 learning methods are present in your classroom.
▪ Get tips on how to adapt cueing and timing to suit student’s methods.
▪ Determine when to explain or offer assistance or feedback.
▪ How to listen to the clues hidden in their questions & feedback
▪ Proper cueing and assisting that leads to “ah ha moments”
▪ Understand better how to instruct for multi-level classes
My FreeGift to you.
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