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Savasana Concerts

Alternative for bars and cafés

Do we really listen anymore?  When we take the time to listen AND feel.  It shifts our vibration.

Yoga had a big infuence on Leah as a performer, creator and communicator..  and has inspired this new wave of music concert listening since 2015 Leah has been organizing and giving “ lay down concerts” 

30 minute to one hour concerts.  Imagine laying down in the grass on a blanket.  but indoors and

What's a Savasana Concert?

During the concert, slowly becoming one with the audience, I really felt an amazng amount of love and peace and when I opened my eyes afterwards I could see it as well.

Leah offers these concerts as

1.)  a vibrational sound bath for the body.  ( each instrument touches different areas of the body)

2.) an opportunity to relax and truly absorb music with full awareness.

3.) offer people who don’t drink and party to enjoy Jazz music in a non traditional atmosphere .