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Who is Léah test met tekstblok

Love Unconditional, by Léah Kline, lyrics from the album `` This Precious Life``

Who am I ?  Who AM I ? 

What do I see when I look?

I see my thoughts diving 

through brooks,

streams and tributaries, 

carrying me to a peaceful sea.

I see my spirit in a big balloon rising above the world 

to SEE the LOVE 

I have created 

in myself and thee.

Who am I? 

             a mirror of love?

Who am I?  

               nothing above.

dirt between my toes 

and snot running 

             from my nose, 

I am a little girl 

            with pig tails 

running as fast as I can 

to wrap my arms around you 

and to love you 

while I still am…….

Love Unconditional

Who am I to judge how 

different love can be?

Who’s to say MY LOVE 

is not be the same as 

what I feel Here with 

my arms around this tree.?

  Love  Unconditional

I am a ray of light. 

I am a pulse,

 a freedom ring

and with this joy, 

to YOU I sing,

(of LOVE and 

wealth of worth) 

deep from my girth

and I’m telling you.  

I’m telling you, 

“don’t be sad! 

Be glad !

be glad for what 

you have”

Love  Unconditional

Love  Unconditional

Like a wave of warm water 

over your cooling heart,  

 ……I’ll be there.

Like a High Priestess 

with my hand over my heart,

……I DO swear

You will not be alone.  


you will not be alone

Hmmm ?

I’d like to address this need to possess .  

Why such distress?

For in this Universe 

we draw from the same purse:

the coin for the machine 

that sings of 

the Supreme:   Love Unconditional 

Who am I? 

       -Love Unconditional

Will we try?  

     – Love Unconditional

“Til we die..