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Who is Leah?

Album: This Precious Life

Who am I?

Hello there! Welcome.

Who is Léah Kline? This website joins a lifetime of skills and interests that have become, not career paths, but professional level passions, that have allowed the pleasure of reaching a wide variety of people around the world.

Divided into two categories MUSIC & YOGA: I am seen as a professional in each world, though they do not often mix.
For me, in me, they can not be divided. These two themes of yoga and music are inseparable.,,,,, and for this discovery, I am finally grateful, thinking I had to separate the two. You see both have immensely increased my ability to express myself and finely tuned what I want to share.

I teach yoga and embodiement to a lot of musicians, and artists. In fact you could say, that my job as a teacher/coach is to cultivate and coax the authenticity of each individual out of them.

For those of you who are interested in Léah the Singer: please peruse the MUSIC page: there you can find my presskit, book my bands or me as a soloist ( music projects), watch music videos, see my performance calendar.

And those who know me as a YOGA-Movement guide. I invite you to spend time in the YOGA section: there you will find Retreats, workshops, classes, private lessons, teacher trainings, online courses, and free videos.

In the STORE are all sorts of items to enjoy at home, music, courses,
Here below are directly links to my professional biography for press and bookings. and further down links to my newsletters.

Léah Kline