Who is Léah

Hi Leah Kline here…..


This website joins a lifetime of skills and interests that have become, not career paths, but professional level passions
Divided into two categories MUSIC & YOGA: not that they can be divided.
So, these two are inseparable. And for this discovery I am finally grateful, thinking I had to
separate the two. i teach yoga to a lot of musicians, and artists. In fact you could say, that my job as a teacher/coach is to cultivate and coax the authenticity of each individual out of them.
But for those of you who are interested in JAZZ and Leah the Performer: feel free to hang out in the music page, buy some cds, come to some concerts, book my bands, my projects or me as a guest soloist.

And those who know me as a YOGA guide. Feel free to hang out in the Yoga section. Attend Retreats, workshops, classes, sign up for privates, check out the free videos.

in downloads or the webshop are bios and videos and all sorts of stuff to keep you entertained and hopefully interested to enjoy the things that I also enjoy.

Namaste, keep enjoying.
Leah Kline

Who is Leah Kline? ( by Frank Breuker) 

Leah Kline is an artist with great qualities in dancing, singing, performing and as master yoga teacher. In her home in her normal life, Leah is always looking for a BALANCE in life: enjoying life, taking care of the body, the mind and the spirit and those of others through healthy eating, exercise, self-awareness. making music, using your voice. 

Leah Kline is really the person who can teach you to enjoy your life while being in a full balance, feeling good and feeling rest in your inner soul.

The Performer 

When Leah comes onstage, because of this natural balance, it is a natural gift for her to perform. She doesn’t have to push herself in front of an audience, whether it’s dancing, teaching or singing. 

What do you get from Leah as a performer?

Happiness. You feel energy. You get excited.

It depends on the performance; 

if it’s singing, something about her performance lifts you up .. you want to dance.

If it’s as a master yoga teacher, you learn. You learn from the basics up.  She teaches so you understand, the feeling, the philosophy, not to follow but to know. 

Leah will keep an eye on how YOU PERFORM, in how you are doing.  She is a thorough coach and cheerleader!! 

Leah Kline has other passions. What are her passions?

Shoes & Recycling. 

SHOES, essentially, she is wild about accessories. She is often called a cameleon.  If she changes her hair, her clothes, she is really for some people unrecognizable. 

RECYCLING, how awesome is it to live well and regret nothing. To regret not spending to much and not regret leaving such a huge footprint on the world. She likes to find fantastic clothes, and interior design – Recycled. 


From the album This Precious Life, Love Unconditional

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