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Yoga Classes

Refresh Fridays 9am

75min -online from The YOGA COTTAGE

All Levels- Start each Friday fresh with an alignment based Hatha class for all levels, with Flow options on Zoom. Starting May 22 until September at 9 am. I'm teaching live from the Yoga Cottage. After the class, the recording will become available to all participants who have paid. Please send me an email requesting a copy of the recording. Yoga@leahkline.com Join a single class with the green links below. First Tikkie then follow the Zoom link........> Sign up for the next single class 10 euro .Use the Tikkie (see links below) (10 euro = livestreaming class + zoom recording available for unlimited viewing for 6 days) AND THEN USE THE ZOOM LINK BELOW AS WELL. Every yogi that paid will be let in from the Zoom waiting room. Do you not do TIKKIE? by clicking on the link, one can see my bank details, but send me an email to let me know you have paid. Thanks. and see you on the mat!!

Single Class: Tikkie Link to pay / reserve Sept 04
ZOOM LINK to enter the Friday class

Private Lessons

All levels

Privates, semi- private lessons with a group for flat fee are possible with Léah. Are you too busy or too frustrated to come to a group lesson? Do you travel too much to build up a regular practice. Do you want more specific information about your body and your practice? All of these are great reasons to book a private lesson. I can supported you with a lesson via Skype, face-to face on virtually any subject on yoga. Possibilities to meet in your home, your studio, where I teach or via our computers. Please contact me for an appointment or more information. scroll down for contact form or Yoga@leahkline.com

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Core Alignment Masterclass (Bandhas)

on demand recording.

This is 2,5 hour masterclass which is a beautiful Slow Flow and an exploration of aligning with the three major portals of energy through our body. Working on the realisation that Core Strength is a flexible strength a lightness created from the bandhas Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara, Muscular Energery, organic Energy. This lessons takes time to move through awareness of this wave of energy, and taking it through full and beautiful practice . ( includes bakasana, pigeon, mermaid, & backbends. . This video is on demand and available for a very low price of only 20 euros, and is viewable as often as you like for 30 days. If you are ``creating your own retreat`` this is a great option for once a week or two days a week. Please send me an email and I will send you payment link & video link.

Lessons at de Nieuwe Yoga School

Mixed Levels

Sunday- Flow 11:45 (90min); Monday- Basic Alignment/Anusara 12:00 (75min); Thursday- Flow 17:45 (75min): coming out of Lockdown, De Nieuwe Yoga School offers 2 subscription IN STUDIO (30 live spots) and LIVE Streaming online (only 7euro/ month) Are also available. Check DNYS website for reservations. All lessons are in English and the Thursday night is perfect for US residents time frame. Single lesson purchase is also available and The Site has a british flag to indicate English language choice as well as EN for English where needed.

Classes & Booking DNYS