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Yoga Classes


60 min. The Gentle Yoga Series

Weekly Zoom Live - or Reruns.

Every Friday -Each session starts slow opening up the prana, the shoulders and some basic theme. Have you been OUT of practice? Feeling ``performance anxiety`` stepping into the class again? Take 7 to 8 lessons with me. ( I have a someone demonstrating but it's my voice you hear) and slowly get back in touch with your body, nervous system and gently open up the muscles.Only 6 euro per lesson if you buy a package of 7 lessons email me. Yoga@leahkline.com for Zoom and payment link. See you Friday?

Private Lessons

live or online

Privates, semi-private lessons with a group fora flat fee are possible with Léah. Are you too busy or too frustrated to come to a group lesson? Do you travel too much to build up a regular practice? Do you want more specific information about your body and your practice? All of these are great reasons to book a private lesson. I can support you with a lesson via Skype, face-to-face on virtually any subject on yoga. Possibilities to meet in your home, your studio, where I teach, or via our computers. Please contact me for an appointment or more information. Find a time in my agenda and BOOK your session today. or contact me : yoga@leahkline.com

Schedule a Private Class

(Bandhas) CORE Alignment-Masterclass

VIDEO ON DEMAND only 30 euro

This is 2,5-hour masterclass which is a beautiful Slow Flow and an exploration of aligning with the three major portals of energy through our body. Working on the realization that Core Strength is a flexible strength a lightness created from the bandhas Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara, Muscular Energy, organic Energy. This lesson gives you time to move through awareness of this wave of energy and taking it through a full and beautiful practice. (includes bakasana, pigeon, mermaid, & backbends. . This video is on-demand and available for a very low price of only 30 euros, and is viewable as often as you like for 30 days. that's 1 euro per day. If you are ``creating your own retreat`` this is a great option for once a week or two days a week. Please send me an email or use the contact link below and I will send you the payment link & video link.


Asana, Pranayama, Audio meditations, Philosophy, Recipies Face, hands & Feet massage75+ hours, mix and match

It's lockdown! Can't go anywhere. Why not go on RETREAT. Alone, wherever there is WIFI. Start or Finish your day with an alignment-based Hatha yoga class ( for all levels) or build a full self study/ yoga retreat recorded from my Yoga Cottage. 75 hours of yoga. Please send me an email requesting a link to the library Yoga@leahkline.com or use the Sign up here below, I shall send you a payment link and you watch as often as you like inside your subscription period. Money back if after one week not satisfied. Comes with a full video tour of the site, how to use it and how best to work through it for a retreat.

More information on the Yamas & Niyamas Retreat page. You will need to become a friend of mine on facebook Leah S Kline or follow my FB yogapage  LeahKlineyoga4all    Here is the link to my online Yoga library.