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12 day Self study: Yamas & Niyamas

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Leah & Alison
29 June 2021

Week Retreat in Tenerfie with Léah and Alison

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12 day Yamas & Niyamas Self Study Retreat

Each day a 10 to 15 minute intro and mediation to devote your day too.

starting, Wednesday, July 01
Wondering if this Retreat is something for you? Read on. .....
Yamas & Niyamas are ancient Universal inner codes of conduct for sound and sustainable- living for your body and soul in the high vibrational plane. What better time than now to give yourself a 12 day retreat and devote one day each to a yama or niyama and explore your highs and lows.
You will receive for 12 days a 10-15 minute recorded explanation and brief meditation from me to start your day with.
This is a self study, guided by me, via a what's app group that is a one way conversation from me to you. until we share on the last day. Open to teacher or students.
optional: Zoom online shares on Day 1, day 6 and day 13 depending on what the group needs/ wants
Part of what makes the study so powerful is to engage in sharing your daily experiences with someone who is there to listen.
So organise that listening partner and even consider the possibility to invite this person you will share with to also join the study.
If you are interested let me know.
How to sign up?
Pay the Tikkie. Join the What's app group,
Send me and email with your bank's last name and your phone so I can put 2 and 2 together.
All people who haven’t paid yet by 06 June, 5pm will simply be removed from the group.
Do you not have or not DO What's app or Tikkie? contact me for other options.


next group starts July 01

Pay the Tikkie ( use the link below)

Pay the Tikkie ( use the link below)

Join the What's app group ( use the link below)

Send me an email with phone number + your Banks last name so I know it's you

Pay with Tikkie -HERE
click here to join the what's app group directly

Tenerife Yoga week Retreat June 29- 2021

Celebrate friendship, yoga and summer

Leah and Alison are both born in the month of June and share not only their sun sign but a passion for teaching yoga and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

These two cancerian friends and experienced yoga teachers have set up a yoga retreat program around the celebration of Summer. We are offering a full program of yoga practice to nourish you on every level. We will be enjoying an intensive week of yoga to deepen your practice and to create new habits that are the founding for a healthy yoga-based lifestyle.

The varied daily programme will combine pranayama and meditation, twice daily yoga sessions, chanting mantras, healthy vegan food, hiking as well as time for relaxation and massage
Here is a video from last year to give you an impression.

Daily Schedule

We will guide you in a varied and full daily yoga program starting with pranayama and silent meditation to greet the morning sun followed by a dynamic yoga flow to enliven your body and spirit. In the afternoon session you will experience the healing benefits of Yin and Restorative yoga combined with mindfulness for deep healing. We will end each day with mantra singing, yoga nidra, a silent walk or star gazing. The daily schedule will vary according to the needs and experience of the group but we will include both active and relaxing yoga practices to deepen your practice For more experienced yogis, we will make time for mastering more “advanced” yoga poses such as headstand, handstand and arm balances as well introducing some yoga philosophy and working on poses together with a partner.


For those who want added adventure we will offer optional excursions such as hiking in the Masca mountains and visiting nearby beaches for swimming and sunbathing. or visiting nearby beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Chanting Savasana Concert are always a high possibility

more information:

Why go on a yoga retreat?

Leah and Alison believe that going on retreat each year and taking time out from the busyness of our everyday lives is the key to vitality. Quality time is to be close to nature, time to reflect, breathe, move and nourish ourselves. This is essential not just for people committed to a yoga as a way of life but it is important for everybody.

Whether you are, an experienced yoga practitioner or someone who wants to learn the yoga fundamentals, we are sure that you will feel the positive energy flowing again by the end of the retreat week.

Situated in the beautiful setting of mountainous of North Tenerife, we will together create a healing space for recharging and relaxing in the sun and celebrating life.

All yoga and additional activities are optional and you are free to take quiet time for yourself to relax and to do absolutely nothing.

more information:

Meet your yoga guides

Leah & Alison

Leah Kline and Alison Melvin are both master yoga teachers, leading trainings and retreats together and individually for many years.

Leah is an Certified “Anusara-inspired” and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Alison has trained in Hatha yoga, Yin, Restorative and mindfulness meditation. While they are specialized in teaching different styles of yoga, Yang and Yin respectively, they share a common love of the power of “real” yoga as a path of transformation and healing.

Most importantly they are close friends who enjoy teaching, sharing and creating an inspiring and unforgettable week of yoga practice together.  This year both of their birthdays fall inside the week of ths retreat.  So celebrating Life is a natural and wonderful theme for 2020!

2 airports in isla Tenerife , Spain easiest is South, but North is also possible

Stay at beach wind/kite surfing village in the south EL Medano for a day or two before the Retreat

Consider extending your stay for more hiking in the North or a few beach days in the south

Check In will be on Monday, 22nd no earlier than 14:00 first group activity is dinner - Check out 29th will be departure at 12 or 13:00

Price and booking

PRICE Based on a shared triple/quad room € 799,- p.p. Based on a shared double room € 995,- p.p. *All proceeds of this retreat directly supports the work of the non-profit Foundation Yogini rosa

How to book this retreat? click on the BUTTON below to fill in the registration form of Mandala de Masca or ask for more information. The team of Mandala de Masca will contact you. Check your junk or spam just in case.

Registration Form `` type in 29 June`` more information: