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Yoga Workshops & Challenges

Who doesn’t love to try handbalances.   Bakasana , crow pose,  is a great pose to master as it asks core abdominal, arm strength and leg integreation.  With a bit of  a breath taking feeling of flying.   Here I have a video for you to allow you to assess your level ( warm up, wrists, understand the coordination of Bakasana and then for those who are ready.  4 alternative  progressions from Bakasana.  Headstand, firefly, Parivritta bakasana.

Try it for 7 days to get yourself committed.

and don’t forget to send me your progress. I may even have some extra tips for you.

I am taking back my handstand practice.  Click on the photo above to learn more.  But in short…..

20 people joined me for the handstand challenge in the month of June in 2020. We had so much fun that I offer it for anyone who wants to go for it.

I know handstands! We have to be realistic! We are not all at the same place in this practice.  So….. I made a video.  A  fun simple video from my home, for those of you needing a head start.  And when you fill  in the questionaire to see the video, I can give you extra tips to help you along the way.  Please feel free  share your progress on Social media if you want to every day

Try to stay a few seconds longer than the day before.

Can you stay until a minute?

Jumping to Handstand

VIDEO on DEMAND – Streaming

Core  Masterclass     


Slow and Flowing  2,5 hour  asana practice

exploring Mula -uddiyana- jalandara bandhas

Finally a workshop focused on the bandhas: the energy locks that make up your core. Learn to find the lightness in your strength and take that into what I have been teaching about alignment and the Universal Principles of Alignment from Anusara yoga.

Join Léah for this insightful empowering, step by step exploration of aligning with the bandhas and the core.

Filmed and Hosted by Suzanne Reynaert (Studio Reyn - Amsterdam Oost)

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Yoga Teacher Development

If you are looking to go deeper into the craft of teaching skills…..

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Mastering Your Teaching skills

Advanced Study: 50 hours

In this advanced study, I'll give you a firm grounding in bettering your teaching skills.

Ready to move from sounding like your teacher, to sounding like yourself? It’s time to refine your teaching skills! This course offers you a well rounded next step to Adding Yoga Philosophy to your lessons, Making Themes, Alignment, Adjusting, Being creative with your words and cues.

See your students from the teacher's point of view instead of the student you were in your 200+ hour teacher trainings, learn to be clear & precise in your words and creative in your guidance.

What to expect

Learn how to:
1. Find and Share inspiring quotes during your Opening or Savasana ( to spark a sense of Unity and open heartedness)
2. Use speaking formulas to find your true Authentic message ( without sounding like someone else).
3. Find your personal style, your source of inspiration to make lessons from.
4. Expand your Cueing Vocabulary ( to say the same thing 20 different ways) learn to improvise
5. Theme your classes ( from a quote or one of the six common qualities see below)
6. Learn cueing formulas to weave your theme into a lesson
7. Apply 15 standard manual Adjustments (to support a theme)
8. Stimulate your Creative Mind ( to learn to improvise and adjust to what is actually happening in the classroom instead of what you planned)
9. Learn about loops and spirals in the body and how they can help you adjust/ assist the energetic direction of the student’s asana.

Exploring the above skills with 5 standards themes,
✦ Heart Energy
✦ Strength
✦ Rooting and grounding
✦ Divine Balance and integration
✦ Swirling, circular energy

For more detailed information, see the button below.
This study is primarily in English, but Léah speaks fluent Dutch.

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Hands on Adjustments Intensive

Advanced Study: 50 or 100 hours

** New dates being planned*****
Contact me if you want me to integrate this training in YOUR STUDIO.

Do you have a 200+ hour Vinyasa Teacher Training under your belt, and do you feel the need to develop yourself further in the craft of Teaching and Hands on-Adjusting & Assisting? We are excited to announce our newest 50 (or 100) hours Advanced Study: Hands- On Assists/Adjustments Intensive &Teacher’s Assistant Internship.

Under the guidance of Leah Kline and guest faculty members. you will learn the necessary skills/tools to take that next step. The study is a 14 masterclasses comprehensive of Hand’s on Assists/Adjustments intensive (3 weekends) giving practicing Teachers time to digest and practice their skills. Plus an option to become a Teacher’s Assistant (5 to 6 month TA internship spot (optional) at the school mentored by a Senior Teacher.

The internship is (a ''stage plek”) where you are coupled with one of our Senior Teachers who will support you practicing skills of Observing, Assisting, Hands-on Adjustments and working in the field of study as a yogi (approx 20 lessons). The mentor offers their skills as a karma yoga project and so we take great care to make the right match with those who go on to become Teacher’s Assistant.

This program contains:
*14 masterclasses(3 weekends)(Hands on-Assists/Adjustments intensive) - 50 hr Yoga Alliance

**An optional internship ('stage plek') for 5 to 6 months, once a week (around 20 classes) + Essays - 50 hr Yoga Alliance (in combination with the 14 masterclasses it's 100 hr YA)
During the TA internship you will be paired with one of our Senior Teachers (who has agreed to take on an Assistant) who will support you practicing the skills your learn in the workshops, Hands-on Adjustments and working in the field of study.

To be part of the 100 hour YA Teacher Training Assistant internship, we ask you to additionally submit
an email to (Leah Kline and DNYS):
- yoga4all-amsterdam@telfort.nl

Include the following:
1. proof of your 200+ hour TT certificate ( scanned copy)
2. A written reference or referal from a recognized Yoga Teacher to be considered for a TA internship (only if you did not completed the Johan Noorloos Teacher training, but acquired your 200 hours elsewhere).
3. As short letter of interest: expressing your readiness to embrace the commitment and attitude of a weekly lesson and to the students and community with your service.
4. Is direct payment not possible but you would like to reserve your spot for the training and/ or to inquire about making 2 payments? Then include this also in your letter.

**Note: it could be that we invite you for a personal conversation

DNYS and Faculty will place each intern after the second weekend. The School will pair the new Assistant with the appropriate teacher, according to the intern's level and needs. Workshops cannot be skipped if the student wants to apply for the 50 hours YA.

Faculty: Leah Kline with to be announced. English and Dutch languages)

Masterclasses of Hands-on Assists/ Adjustments include:

1. Philosophy of Assisting, Ethics, Role of Awareness, Presence, Breath
2. Touch and the ethics, types of Touch
3. Types of Students. Non verbal communication
4. Alignment Basic Manual Adjustments Feet, knees, Hips Spine Standing poses
5. Basic Manual Adjustments Spine Shoulder elbows Hands
6. How to support beginners (in a basic flow class and mixed level class)
7. Assisting in a Flow ``choreography of assisting``
8. Seated poses, Grounding
9. Finishing Poses Assists
10. Advanced and Strong Flow Assists ( Binding, twists, hand balances)
11. Perception of the student ``How to read the body and give the most effective assist in that moment
12. Ashtanga philosophy applied to Adjustments; observing, bandha’s and breath (twists,shoulder arm holds)
13. Assisting for injuries / props
14. Intervision


Dates of the 14 masterclasses (3 weekends)