Effectively Reach Your Yoga Students 

The best teaching tools for you (and them)


Discover the “3 major learning patterns” of your students? 

When you understand how students digest information,

you can truly guide them with trust and confidence in all aspects of the yoga practice.

AND, Your students will come back for more.

This Teacher’s Tool Kit includes the clues to :

    • Recognizing  and learning the 3 major learning patterns in your students
    • Knowng which the 3 methods to teach each type so you can adapt to your students
    • Determining when to offer your student assistance on the mat and when to give feedback
    • How to listen to  the clues hidden in their questions & feedback to recognize their learning type
    • Proper cueing and assisting that doesn’t confuse but leads to “ah ha moments” 
    • Understanding how to better teach multi-level classes to meet students at their level 


About Your Yoga Mentor

“Master teachers believe that all students can learn, and they are committed to the success of their students. They possess a deep understanding of how students learn and develop, and they strive to create positive learning environments for all students, regardless of current skills or ability levels” 

Léah Kline ~ licensed ©Anusara yoga teacher ; 1000+ hours E- RYT500.  30 years teaching experience.             ~Teachers are her favorite students.